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Customer Service Commitment

Superior Waste Management prides itself on providing excellent service to all our clients. The customer sees the staff of the company and our fleet, as the direct, connecting, public face. Therefore, Superior Waste Management expects the highest level of professionalism to be demonstrated at all times. Customer service is our first obligation our very existence relies on this.

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Importance of Service Delivery Promises

Superior Waste Management is founded on the principal of efficient and effective service delivery. Our survival and continued success is dependant upon meeting our customer’s needs in the best way possible. To this end, Superior Waste Management will ensure that we deliver products and services of the highest standards. It is, therefore, imperative that our employees understand and demonstrate at all times a commitment to Superior Customer Service and a desire to meet customers needs in the most effective, efficient and professional way possible. This is evident in our retention of staff, all of who have been part of our team for many years.

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